i got soul
      — but i’m not a [
soldier ]


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“Can I help you?” She asked, not recognizing the costume the redhead before her was wearing. She drew back an arrow cautiously.


"Uhh," He raises his hands up signifying he meant no harm, mustering up a lopsided grin while he does. "just passing through—" The male’s eyes flicker down at her arrow, brow perked upon his countenance. "Are you another archer with Arsenal or Green Arrow? Or am I just shooting blanks here?" He queried before allowing both his hands to fall to his sides. "— Seems like everyone’s been on edge lately.”


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Dat’s a…..intrestin’ costume y’got der’.

Well, if by interesting y’mean cool, then yeah. It is! { Grins almost defiantly as arms folded across his chest. } Who’re you? Look pretty interesting yourself.

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{ Lids fell over over malachite hues before reverting to comprehend the individual he was faced before. Irises delineated with darker chromaticity unveiled a sense of surprise amalgamated with curiosity. All soon to be swept over with partial amusement. } Well.. nothing really. Can’t a guy say ‘hi’? { Both ends of light roseate lips tugged downwards slightly; a soft utterance to himself surmounted. }  — Least without anyone getting ticked off.


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outofspeed. So, thanks to many numerous influences, I’m trying to find the muse I want to stick with. The way I intend to do it is by reading all the issues — I may have scarce information from recent, newer issues ever since the reboot for some of my muses, but I want to know them and gain enough motivation to RP them than be ignorant. As for now, I’m still wondering what issues I should read: Nightwing, Superboy, Kid Flash - Flash, Aquaman, or another muse. I’m going to focus on reading issues some more but it’s definitely time consuming. Threads and starters aren’t neglected and will be submitted eventually! I assure all of you. (:

sun and moon - above & beyond

i’m sorry, baby
you were the sun and moon to me
i’ll never get over you
you’ll never get over me!


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Cute winter KidArrow (I see a window of opportunity and I’m taking it). :I

Happy Birthday.

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“What do you want?” Bobbi’s attitude snapped along with her head. Her eyes pierced the person standing outside her door, knocking on it. “I’m kinda busy at the moment, are you sure this is as important as everything else I have to do?”

       His fist which was adorned with the darker pigmentation his overall attire consisted of remained upright. Its contact with the door diminished after the female answered. As it fell to his side, eyes widened from their sockets beneath his goggles. “That thought might’ve crossed my mind—” He remarked, ends of his lips raising.